About Us

res ipsa loquitur. (rayz ip-sah loh-quit-her) n. Latin for "the thing speaks for itself"


Res Ipsa was born out of a desire to break with convention. Lawyers by trade, Res Ipsa founders, Josh and Odini know a thing or two about the often dull uniformity of men’s professional and dress wear. 

Taking inspiration from their extensive legal background, Josh and Odini felt their brand and style could be summed up in two words: Res Ipsa. The Latin phrase, res ipsa loquitur literally translates to: “the thing speaks for itself.” In law, the doctrine of res ipsa loquitur was first used in the English court case Byrne v. Boadle (1863) and applies to self-evident facts.


Res Ipsa is inspired by our travels to the great cities of the world. From upcycled one-of-a-kind kilim shoes to repurposed vintage 501s, we create responsibly-source global style. In our Marrakech factory, we weave our own fabrics--and only enough to suit our needs and reduce waste.

Today, Res Ipsa is the destination for premium handmade travel leisure goods. Our products are made carefully and responsibly with love. So whether you’re far from home or returning there, travel with us.


We are guided by a set of ten core beliefs. These are guiding principles that best explain why we do what we do. For example, the first core belief explains why we left the law for retail, and the last one explains why we were not crazy to do so.

  • We believe that you should do something with joy, or not at all. 
  • We believe that beauty is not trivial. 
  • We believe that every product should have a story. 
  • We believe humans are hard-wired for narrative.
  • We believe that every person should travel as far as they can as often as they can. 
  • We believe that travel is important because it opens minds and hearts. 
  • We believe that you get back what you put out. 
  • We believe makers of well-made products deserve to make a fair profit & living wage. 
  • We believe that small businesses are the bedrock of a strong economy. 
  • We believe retail is not dead.