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 If you're taking a trip to the sunny & stylish West Coast and wondering what to wear in Los Angeles, we've got you covered. With these fashionable seasonal recommendations, we want to help men learn how to dress, pack and travel with the latest LA trends in mind. We also want you to keep in mind the various weather conditions in the city as you coordinate outfits. Through our travels around the world, we know fashion can be personal, costly and difficult to plan ahead of time. We want to help guide you on how to dress in Los Angeles before the trip so you can enjoy traveling to Southern California with a breezy, laid-back mentality. Discover our style guide and recommendations below!


Table of Contents
I. What to Wear in LA in Summer - May, June, July, August and September
II. What to Wear in LA in Fall and Winter - October, November, December, January and February
What to Wear in LA in Spring - February, March and April


As with every city, LA has a distinct menswear identity. From its beaches to the Hollywood hills, the city is sprawling with style and today Los Angeles is one of the most fashionable style capitals in the world - contending with Paris and London.

One of the most important things to know when traveling to LA is your dress is dependent on the weather. It seems straightforward, but understanding the weather patterns will help you look your best and travel smarter. We've broken down how to dress based on the city's three main seasons: summer, fall and spring. 

You also need to keep in mind is that LA is just as laid-back and casual as the Cali stereotypes you've grown up with from movies or social media. A capsule collection will get you far and it'll be vogue for each season. You can wear the hell out of simple but classic looks inspired with denims, white oxford button-ups or faded Hawaiian shirts and vintage jackets & sweaters.

Finally, always remember that shoes and accessories make the man (or break him). If you want to know just how stylish (or not) you appear to others, focus on building your outfit from your feet up. Easily the first thing others will look at, your shoes need to inspire confidence and energy that leave no doubt in others you're as serious about your style and appearance as the man you're striving to be. That's precisely where we want to help you the most.



I. What to Wear in LA in Summer - May, June, July, August and September

Where is more beautiful than sunny Los Angeles during the summer months? We'll wait...

Res Ipsa in LA

There's no better time of the year to time to evolve your style game than during the summer months. Why? The weather allows for you to mix & match, experiment with layers, and simplify your looks.

Let's begin with what shoes you need to wear in LA in the summer. Loafers? Sneakers? Sandals (please, no). As the most important piece of your outfit, you don't just need to wear your shoes -- you need to own them. By that we mean that you need to own the 'look' and how you stride around La La land. We recommend you find a comfortable and breathable pair of loafers or sneakers for LA's warmer days. We suggest you consider our men's classic and kilim shoe collections. If you want build up from a one-of-a-kind, edgy and smart-casual look, our kilim loafers will give you a great start. 

Res Ipsa Men's Kilim Loafers

Similar to your shoe game, you need to find accessories that don't just work for you any given day. Rather, you need to change up and work the accessories based on your 'look' of the day. Don't forget to bring a nice pair of sunglasses and hat for coverage from the sun's rays. 

Res Ipsa in LA

Kilim Backpacks

Lastly, styling the rest of your outfit should be simple. You should sport a few linen long sleeve and breathable short-sleeve tee shirts. Always, always go for classic colors -- white, sky blue and ocean-washed blue. Find two good pairs of shorts and one swimsuit that show enough leg to make others understand you're edgy without making them uncomfortable. There is a fine line here, gentlemen. Tread lightly. You can pack a pair of light-wash denim jeans and a light-washed denim jacket for the full Canadian tuxe 'look' that will pair well with all-white or brighter colored shoes. 

Check out the weather forecast below for LA's summer monthly averages. 

Summer Weather Avg. Los Angeles, CA

May Hi 75° / Low 58° Rain 0 days
June Hi 79° / Low 62° Rain 0 days
July Hi 83° / Low 65° Rain 0 days
August Hi 84° / Low 66° Rain 0 days
September Hi 83° / Low 65° Rain 0 days

II. What to Wear in LA in Fall and Winter - October, November, December, January and February

Traveling to LA in the fall is quite nice because you can pull out your vintage denim, sweaters, leather and bomber jackets. While your shoe selection is still critical, you're able to play around with different styles of outerwear due to the cooler temperatures. You can expect overcast skies and lots of Pacific ocean breeze. 

Res Ipsa in LA

For your go-to every day 'look' we highly recommend you keep it simple: a classic white oxford button-up, a pair of chukka boots and a pair playful denims. White oxfords and Levi's 501's will never go out of style, so include them in your capsule collection. Bring a stylish knit-sweater or a denim jacket with you for the evenings when the temperatures drop into the low 50's. 

Res Ipsa in LA

Res Ipsa in LA

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California still has plenty of sunshine in the fall, so it's best to learn the art of layering your outfits when traveling to LA. You'll appreciate packing an extra layer or piece when all the sudden clouds roll in and it starts snowing. Sure, it's rare, but hey at least you'll look like the smartest guy in Hollywood. 

Check out the weather forecast below for LA's fall monthly averages. 

Fall Weather Avg. Los Angeles, CA
October Hi 79° / Low 60° Rain 1 day
November Hi 73° / Low 53° Rain 2 days
December Hi 68° / Low 49° Rain 4 days
January Hi 68° / Low 49° Rain 5 days
February Hi 69° / Low 51° Rain 5 days

III. What to Wear in LA in Spring - February, March and April

Perhaps the best time to visit and travel to LA is spring. As the most comfortable time of the year because of the perfect weather conditions, Los Angeles in the spring months flirts with a mix of fall and summer. And as for your planning out your spring outfits, it's important to keep in mind that you never have to venture too far outside your basic capsule collection. That is to say, LA does have a few more wet days.

Res Ipsa in LA

It's critical to pack a pair of sneakers that withstand the water without looking like a college kid. Throw away your worn-out pair of Nikes or Sperry's and elevate your taste in shoes with a pair of our men's kilim sneakers. The bright white rubber sole will double as a standout when paired with denim jeans or flex in the sneakers with a pair of shorts AND it'll protect your feet from the wetness of spring. Pull-out our vintage baseball jersey's or Hawaiian shirts for a Dodgers game or evening stroll around chic Santa Barbara. 

Res Ipsa in LA

Res Ipsa in LA

Check out the weather forecast below for LA's spring monthly averages. 

Spring Weather Avg. Los Angeles, CA

February Hi 69° / Low 51° Rain 5 days
March Hi 70° / Low 52° Rain 4 days
April Hi 73° / Low 55° Rain 2 days