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Repurposing is our passion. We love telling the story of breathing new life into old things. From our kilim loafers to our babouche slippers to our vintage 501s, we believe transforming interesting fabrics and classic pieces into timeless collections is not only fun but important to continue driving the sustainable fashion movement forward. Some call it slow fashion. Whatever its name, it is a slow, creative, and  a zero-waste process that brings us a lot of joy.

Our latest colorful collection roots itself in American history. As perhaps some of the original sustainable designers, for centuries American families would often piece together scraps of fabric into quality, handmade quilts for their homes. And now as a doubly-sustainable practice, we repurposed these quilts into functional, cool outerwear. 

Vintage Quilt Jacket

Res Ipsa Vintage Quilt JacketVintage Quilt Jacket
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Res Ipsa Vintage 501 Denim
Res Ipsa Vintage 501 Denim Collection

The boxy fit and slight-off-center placket is inspired by the shape of an American military removable quilted liner that would button into a coat issued to GI's.  

Vintage Quilt Jacket

Each Vintage Quilt Jacket is handsewn from a vintage American quilt. Because we use vintage materials, you may find slight "imperfections" in the quilt. Each quilt is unique and carries the beauty from decades of patina. This is a not a flaw--it is a feature. 

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Vintage Quilt Jacket