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Men's Hand-Knotted Rug Loafer 7-1


Call it our Kilim Loafer 2.0, we created a new version of our popular wool kilim loafer using rarer, hand-knotted rugs. Hand-knotted rugs are more expensive than hand-woven (flatweave), as their production process is longer and more complex. Hand-knotted rugs have finer details, require more skill, and utilize higher quality wool. Each pair is

  • handmade,
  • crafted from vintage hand-knotted wool Turkish rugs, and
  • finished with a durable leather sole and rubber heel.

Each hand-knotted rug is unique and asymmetrical, no two pairs will ever be identical. This takes our signature one-of-a-kind kilim loafer to a new level. 

Handmade in Marrakech. 

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