Zoom Vintage T-Shirt #57 Boston Celtics - RES IPSA
Zoom Vintage T-Shirt #57 Boston Celtics - RES IPSA

Vintage T-Shirt #57 Boston Celtics


Our best seller Vintage T-Shirts are hand-selected. Each Vintage T-Shirt features various natural patina, including discoloration and fading, as well as additional custom distress & repair work. Our Vintage T-Shirts are washed and incredibly soft. Each Vintage T-shirt is an original, one-of-a-kind design, never to be reproduced —making every shirt a valuable addition to any wardrobe and a cool story to be told.  

Size S. 100% Cotton. 


The Boston Celtics an NBA American Basketball team was founded in 1946. Being one of the first 8 teams in the NBA, the Celtics presently have the most recorded wins of any NBA team. Biggest tags rivals in the league being the Los Angeles Lakers.

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