Zoom Vintage Quilt Jacket #13 - RES IPSA
Zoom Vintage Quilt Jacket #13 - RES IPSA

Vintage Quilt Jacket #13


This jacket is made from a vintage handmade American quilt. Early 20th century quilt makers may be the original sustainable designers. Families would make quilts for use in their home from scraps of fabric, repurposing things that were no longer useful into something colorful and functional. We honor the spirit of this careful repurposing and creativity by giving these quilts new life as functional outerwear.

The boxy fit and slight-off-center placket is inspired by the shape of an American military removable quilted liner that would button into a coat issued to GI's. 

Each Vintage Quilt Jacket is handsewn from a vintage American quilt. Because we use vintage materials, you may find slight "imperfections" in the quilt. Each quilt is unique and carries the beauty from decades of patina. This is a not a flaw--it is a feature. 

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