Zoom Patched Quilt Jacket #9 - RES IPSA
Zoom Patched Quilt Jacket #9 - RES IPSA

Patched Quilt Jacket #9

Inspired by the silhouette from our Vintage Quilt Jackets and Vintage Military M-65 Field Jacket Liners, this is an all-white quilted, double-layered cotton jacket. Complete with interior padding, frontal buttons, tonal cotton trimmed bindings and front pockets, this light-weight jacket is patched with custom Res Ipsa Chenille patches, custom embroidered work and “black budget” military op patches. Each jacket is unique because the quilt patterning and embroidered patching varies. This is a one-of-a-kind piece that will be a valuable layering piece for your wardrobe.

Handmade at our Marrakech Atelier. Sizing: Standard unisex medium.

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