Zoom Res Ipsa Nantucket Candle
Zoom Res Ipsa Nantucket Candle

Res Ipsa Nantucket Candle


We created a custom candle for every locale that is significant for our brand. Each candle is 6.5 ounces of 100% vegan hand-poured soy wax.

The Nantucket candle celebrates the magical island that is home to our first flagship store. The Nantucket scent notes are:

  • Lemon
  • Verbena
  • Iris
  • Violet Leaf
  • Sandalwood
  • Ambergris

Our Nantucket candle is inspired by the remote setting, foggy perfection thirty miles off the coast. The beachy-clean scent carries the aroma of Nantucket's flower-filled summers, while the ambergris (an earthy-smelling substance found in sperm whales) pays homage to Nantucket's rich whaling history.

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