Zoom Keep Calm & Carry On Loafers - RES IPSA
Zoom Keep Calm & Carry On Loafers - RES IPSA
Zoom Keep Calm & Carry On Loafers - RES IPSA

Keep Calm & Carry On Loafers


Our Keep Calm & Carry On loafers are exquisite formal loafers made with gorgeous midnight velvet and hand-embroidered with gold bouillon wire. The interior has a luxurious red quilted footbed. These loafers are made entirely by hand in the United Kingdom, with a leather sole and grosgrain trim. Let these loafers will elevate your next black tie event.

"Keep Calm & Carry On" is a create of the British Government's The Ministry of Information, which was responsible for publicity and propaganda during the Second World War. In late 1939 after the outbreak of the war, the MOI was appointed by the British Government to design a number of morale-boosting posters.

With a bold coloured background, the posters were required to be similar in style and feature the symbolic crown of King George VI along with a simple yet effective font. 

Part of a set of three (along with "Your Courage, Your Cheerfulness, Your Resolution will Bring Us Victory" and "Freedom is in Peril"), two other two were posted on public transport, in shop windows, upon notice boards and hoardings across Britain. The third and final poster of the set was again very straightforward and to the point - it simply read ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’. The plan in place for this poster was to issue it only upon the invasion of Britain by Germany. As this never happened, the poster was never officially seen by the public.

It is believed that most of the Keep Calm posters were destroyed at the end of the war in 1945. However, nearly 60 years later, a bookseller from Barter Books stumbled across a copy hidden amongst a pile of dusty old books bought from an auction. Reproductions proliferated and are now seen on signs, t-shirts, and now...formal loafers

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