The Season for Boots: Res Ipsa Guide to Chukka Boots

Do you know where the term chukka originated? How many pairs of eyelets should there be on a chukka boot? An enduring British classic, chukka boots are multi-purpose, stylish shoes. Whether it’s the next business meeting or a casual stroll down 3rd Avenue, Res Ipsa chukka boots have become a mainstay shoe for any occasion during the fall, winter and spring seasons. 

Definition and Origin

Chukka - A chukka is a usually high ankle leather boot with two or three pairs of eyelets or a buckle and strap. 

Although it’s unconfirmed, the term ‘chukka’ likely originated from the ancient and modern sport of polo in India sometime in the early 1900’s. Casually worn in the West by gentlemen post-World-War II, it’s unknown whether polo players traditionally wore the boots during a game of polo or after the game. It’s also been said that the Duke of Windsor wore the first pair of chukka boots in the U.S. in 1924. 

Black and White Sketch of Men Playing Polo

Chukker – A chukker is a playing period of a polo game.

A chukker is seven minutes long. The sport of polo is commonly referred to as “The Sport of Kings.” The ancient game of polo originated in Persia (modern Iran) sometime between 600 B.C. and 100 A.D. The modern game finds itself rooted in Manipur, India. In the late 1850’s, British military officers helped spread the game of polo around the world, including Malta, England, Ireland, Argentina and Australia.

Donegal Tweed – A Donegal Tweed is a heavy woolen homespun of Irish origin characterized by colorful slubs in the weft yarn and a neutral color in the warp.

Donegal is a northern town at the mouth of the River Eske and Donegal Bay in Ulster, Ireland.

Res Ipsa Chukka Boots

As haberdashers, we take great pride in designing boots that pay homage to the past. We’ve created two different designs of chukka boots – kilim chukka boots and brown Donegal Tweed chukka boots with a herringbone pattern.

Kilim Chukka Boots

Men's Kilim Chukka Boots

Our kilim collection of men and women’s kilim chukka boots combine our creative dedication to the history of kilim and the history of the chukka boot. One-of-a-kind patterns made from rugs 50-100 years old, three pairs of eyelets, and stiched with a leather sole and rubber heel, Res Ipsa kilim chukka boots blend international flair and classic design. Perfect for the winter and spring seasons, pair them with your favorite knitwear and trousers.

Brown Tweed Donegal Chukka Boots

Men's Donegal Tweed Chukka Boots

Apart of our classic collection, our men's brown Donegal Tweed chukka boots are made from a beautiful brown Donegal fabric woven in Japan. Our Dongegal boots are stiched with a leather sole and rubber heel. Comfortable and durable, pair them with chinos or jeans for the casual night out. You can easily sport them with a pair of dress slacks for more formal occasions.