The Best Shoes for Every Kind of Traveler

There is a lot of discussion around how to pick a great pair of shoes for traveling. An uncomfortable pair of shoes can ruin your day and make sightseeing impossible; Res Ipsa kilim shoes are the perfect balance of style and comfort, perfect for almost every kind of traveler. 

Kilim Loafers and Sneakers

We came up with all the different types of travelers we could think of. We also came up with the perfect pair of shoes for these men and women. Here's all you'll need to pack for you next travel trip - be it business, pleasure, or everything in between. Where do you fit in? What shoes do you (want) to wear when you travel? #OurBrandisTravel 

Explorer – Oh yeah, you know this person. A true pioneer if they still existed. The explorer is the thrill-seeker, the escapist who bolts to the doors on Friday and can never come down to Earth on Monday. Whether it's jumping into the sea from the side of the cruise ship or top of a cliff, hiking to the mountaintop before sunrise, or simply exploring every shop, restaurant, and park along the avenue, this person brings the energy to make your travel experience seem like you're the Jeep in the ad from the Super Bowl.

Kilim Sneakers

Our Pick: A pair of hiking boots or kilim sneakers.

Active Traveler – This person is the best friend of the explorer. Whether it be checking up 5-times-a-day on their calories/step count on their Apple watch, running the city streets up-and-down before the sun crosses the horizon, or simply ordering a smoothie with every other meal, the active traveler can never stop moving. For this person, traveling is a philosophy and state of being. The only difference tough part for the active traveler is the train, plane, and automobile ride limits their ability to keep going!

Kilim Sneakers

Our Pick: A pair of Nikes or kilim sneakers.

City Slicker – The city slicker prefers to dress up and also knows when it’s appropriate to dress down. From living, commuting, and traveling to cities around the world, this person knows that the most important thing you’ll ever wear is a comfortable, stylish pair of shoes. People notice. Whether it is riding the subway, biking, or walking, this person knows the elements of the surroundings well and adjusts to wear the appropriate attire while maintaining some level of classiness.

Kilim Loafers

Our Pick: Our classic loafers or kilim loafers.

Cabin/Coffee Shop Dweller – While sometimes confused with the ‘causal traveler,’ the cabin/coffee dweller prefers a consistent and uniquely sophisticated look that might conform per se to what society has established as ‘hipster’. Whether it’s sporting a flannel and cuffed-jeans, a tank top and cardigan, or a pair of chinos with a dress shirt and a nicely knitted sweater, this kind of traveler looks interesting and oddly good in almost every situation. This person exudes a non-arrogant level of confidence with what they wear perhaps better than anyone else because they know and choose to wear only the clothes that work best for them.

Kilim Chukka Boots

Our Pick: Your pick…but probably a pair of kilim chukka boots.

Casual Traveler – This person takes casual Friday’s to heart – everyday and everywhere. From the airport to dinner that evening, the causal traveler wears only the most comfortable outfits. You can already hear your grandparents sighing in dismay and reeling aloud, “It’s the problem with this generation. They don’t even put on a suit or dress for church, let alone for the plane ride, dinner, or to call up their folks on the service phone in the lobby!” 

Kilim Sneakers

Our Pick: A pair of Nikes. If comfort is the name of the game, a pair of Res Ipsa sneakers will do it.

Formal Traveler – The formal traveler always loves to dress up in style from head to toe. As a frequent flyer, this person knows dressing well could help you get a free upgrade. Nothing will stop him/her from looking fabulous!

Kilim Loafers

Our Pick: Our leather & suede collection or kilim loafers.

The Whatchamacallit – This person travels somewhere between formal and casual. While nobody really knows what to call this sense of style, you know when you see it. They might be oblivious to style (like their surroundings) or they might have a sense of style too sophisticated for the rest of us to understand.

Kilim Loafers

Our Pick: Res Ipsa kilim sneakers or kilim loafers.