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Malibu, CA — Dating back decades and wth a 2021 "black" budget surpassing $60+ billion, what insights, if any, do we have into the full-scope and top secret intelligence operations hidden beneath the US military's "black" budget? Well, look no further than the patches sewn right onto the sleeves of our latest repaired & repurposed attire. Scroll on to decode the mystery behind the patches featured on our newest, one-of-a-kind repurposed vintage military, leather, and denim collection. 

Vintage Army Green Field Shirt

Vintage Army Green Field Shirt

Res Ipsa Vintage Army Green Field Shirts now available online and at Res Ipsa in Aspen, Vail, Los Angeles, and Malibu. 


Inside the Black Budget

Credit...Trevor Paglen / NYT

Our latest one-of-a-kind collections including our Vintage Army Green Field Shirts feature many of these mysterious patches. While the budget itself has been "blacked" out from the public eye, the patches have been studied heavily and there is a whole book devoted to revealing their hidden meanings

Some of our favorites include "Don't Ask! NOYFB", a naked woman riding a killer whale, and "If I tell you I have to Kill You", and one patch showing five stars and  one separate star above as a nod to the mysterious happenings at Area 51. 

Res Ipsa Res Ipsa

Res Ipsa

Res Ipsa Vintage Leather Patched Jackets available at Res Ipsa in Aspen, Vail, Los Angeles and Malibu 



Funding several Federal departments and the CIA, the National Intelligence Program (NIP) has disclosed the full amount of "black" budget funding it receives since 2012 but still keeps all spending details classified. Our patches reveal a little bit of insight into the humor, language and culture masking the hidden reality of these military operations. Military officials believe the patches to be unifying symbols and may even help as "unofficial efforts" towards building camaraderie and team spirit. We believe the patches are great conversation starters and story for repurposing vintage military, leather, and denim jackets. 

Res Ipsa

Res Ipsa