Ready for Fall? The Perfect Chukka Boots Are Kilim and Ostrich

Fall 2018 has arrived. Are you ready?

The Perfect Fall Boots

Res Ipsa Kilim Chukka Boots

Ostrich Leather Chukka Boots
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With changing weather dictating your wardrobe selections, it's important to discover the pieces that will pull it all together. From head-to-toe --- your flannels and sweaters and denim and boots ---  should all be as comfortable as your cup of hot chocolate w/ extra marshmallows. 

Res Ipsa Kilim Chukka Boots

Our unique, one-of-a-kind handmade men's and women's kilim chukka boots were born out of the desire to enhance the classic chukka boot style with our staple 'kilim' look & feel. With the thickness of the kilim rug to insulate your feet, our boots make the most sense for fall and winter conditions. First inspired by our visits to Istanbul, our boots have become a vintage piece of our autumn wardrobes for over three years. 

Res Ipsa Kilim Chukka Books
If you're looking for a more laid back style this fall, our chukka boots pair perfectly with dark denim and a solid colored sweater or plaid flannel. Our versatile books can also be worn around the office with a pair of slacks.

Homage to the Past

History of Polo

Although it’s unconfirmed, the term ‘chukka’ likely originated from the ancient and modern sport of polo in India sometime in the early 1900’s. Casually worn in the West by gentlemen post-World-War II, it’s unknown whether polo players traditionally wore the boots during a game of polo or after the game. It’s also been said that the Duke of Windsor wore the first pair of chukka boots in the U.S. in 1924.  You can read more about the history off chukka boots here.

Res Ipsa Men's Kilim Chukka Boots