Transitional Sneakers: Our Favorite Fall Sneakers

As Labor Day Weekend winds down, we want to help you transition from summer to fall '18 attire. Specially, we want to pump UP your shoe game. Looking for the perfect slip-on sneakers? Need some comfortable new kicks? On that weekend getaway for the Poconos? When you wear denim or chinos? A splash of color? For around the workplace? Over the weekend on Cape Cod? GameDay tailgates? Wedding in Jackson Hole? Biking to work? Ask us anything and anywhere...the answer is the same:

Wherever you're going, we want you to travel with us.

Res Ipsa Men's Kilim Sneakers

As summer winds down, it's time to start thinking about how to transition your wardrobe into Fall. You build a house from the foundation up. You can build your style the same way, starting with a strong footwear foundation. The hot weather hasn't left yet so a slip-on sneaker is a great way to transition into Fall. We introduced our one-of-a-kind kilim sneakers two years ago because we believed that sneakers could be stylish and comfortable. Popular from the jump, our kilim sneakers are like none other in your closet--or anyone else's. Try one-of-a-kind designs up-cycled vintage Turkish rugs. 

Res Ipsa Men's Kilim Sneakers
We like how the kilim sneakers in the above photo tie the two pieces together in color and texture. 

Res Ipsa Men's Kilim Sneakers

Our men's and women's kilim sneakers feature a flexible, solid-white rubber sole, a soft suede interior, a light-brown leather sole and a distinct leather trim around the edge to put the business in business casual. Our handcrafted sneakers have a certain international flair about them. Talk about some pumped up kicks. Oh yeah. 

Res Ipsa Men's Kilim Sneaker

Whether you're giving that big presentation at work or university, enjoying an escape weekend away in the Hamptons, or just lounging on the sofa with your favorite book, sweater and pair of pants, our men's and women's kilim sneakers will give you comfort and help you look distinctively stylish.  

Res Ipsa Women's Kilim Sneakers

Res Ipsa Women's Kilim Sneaker

Our friend and social media influencer Jordan Mixson a.k.a. the "Sockateur" shared his advice for fall must-haves below: 

Jordan Mixson x Res Ipsa
Jordan Mixson wearing Res Ipsa Men's Kilim Sneakers

"If you're visiting a predominately warmer climate area, like Florida, then you need to prepare a wardrobe that can handle slightly less intense heat but easily adjust to cooler breezes. For me, I pack a cardigan to cover over my pique polo or long sleeve shirt just in case the weather shifts in the evening to a little cooler temperatures. I'm thinking more about tailored Chino pants or drawstring pants for a relaxed yet considered approach to weekend style. Finally, I cant live without my Res Ipsa loafers (and sneakers) I have in earth tones to remind myself of fall weather in other places." 

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