Influencer Roundtable: Airport Style in 2018

Welcome to our very first Influencer Roundtable. Inspired from a recent GQ article about the incredible airport style in the 90's, we thought we'd uncover what style looks like almost 30 years later. 

Denzel Washington in the 90's
Denzel causually sporting a turtlneck circa., 1992

Before we get started, we thought we'd share reasons why airport styles have changed so much over the years.

The 80's & 90's, baby. Yes, the decades ushered in the new. Out with old times when men wore suits and women wore a dress or skirt to travel. The Mad Men Era of airport style gave way to causal wear, which has dominated airports around the world since the 80's and 90's. Even more today, exercise gear is becoming more fashionable and acceptable outside the gym. While most business travelers still dress up, even they will dress more business casual than not.

The airline experience changed. For better or worse, there was a time when everyone flew business class or airlines treated everyone like they were flying business class. What happened to that experience? As flights became available to the masses, the entire experience scaled back, too. With crammed seats, packed flights, and other customer service nightmares, its a good question about why anyone would dress up to be treated much less? However, you can find out for yourself why dressing up to travel has been proven to give you some advantages over other passengers. 

Peanuts and pretzelsIf you can remember the days or have seen AMC's Mad Men, there was actually a time during the golden era of airline travel when airlines and passengers lived it up at 30,000 feet with cocktail parties and meals. That happened. Now, pretzels and peanuts? Not the same motivation. C'mon!!

How Air Travel Has Changed Since the Days of ‘Mad Men’

Meet the Influencers 

We consulted some of our favorite influencers in the travel & fashion to gain their industy insights and expertise on what to wear to the airport when you travel in 2018. Here are the players:

Emily Mentes
IG @emilymentes Web

Jordan Mixson

Spencer Parry 
IG @sparrystylings Web

Travel Tip: What Should You Wear When You Travel?

Chelsea Martin 
"Comfort is key while traveling, especially for long haul flights, but I still don't like to sacrifice style. A comfortable pair of jeans with a long-sleeved top and a light jacket paired with comfortable flats or sneakers is my travel uniform. For me it is important to be comfortable but still be able to get off the plane and head straight to meetings with travel partners. I often pack a pair of heels in my carry-on for just this reason!"

Chelsea Martin

Georgie Morley
"My style when I'm traveling, especially at the airport, layered and comfortable. I love rocking some black jeggings that still feel good after a six-hour flight. I also love layering with sweaters and jackets because temperature fluctuates so much. Finally, I make sure to rock some easy to slip-on sneakers like my addias stan smith's so I can get right through security."

Res Ipsa Kilim Backpack

Emily Mentes
"The first thing that comes to mind when I think travel is leggings! I’m sure most girls would agree. I find myself crunching into airplane or train seats in ways that jeans might make impossible! I also always wear a comfy pair of sneakers, currently loving my Adidas tubulars that are in the photo. As for tops, I would always have at least one layer, so either a tee with a cardigan or a light sweater and jacket. Bottom line, I’m not one to put on cute booties and skinny jeans when I’m getting on a plane. Comfort is key for me so having a fun bag/accessory (like my Res Ipsa) helps make my comfy, somewhat boring outfit seem that much cooler."

Jordan Mixson
"In my opinion,  I prefer my airport style to be simple, comfortable, and structured. I'm perfectly fine wearing a short or long sleeve tee over tailored jeans or jogger pants. It can be nerve wracking unpacking your items and tacking off your shoes at security check hoping there's no issue. For me, it's easier to wear Res Ipsa loafers and not have to worry about shoe laces when your flight is about to leave in 15 minutes! Bonus points, you make a practical fashion statement in record time!"


Spencer Parry
"Have a lightweight sweater/sweatshirt/jacket on you or in your carry-on, no matter where you're going, because the temperature in a plane cabin at 30,000 feet or in the terminal on a layover can be a bit lower than you expect. A suit jacket or blazer is always a good idea, especially for the traveling business man, while a bomber jacket or chunky cardigan is better suited for a more casual escape. I myself tend to stick with sweaters because TSA usually won't have you take it off and there's nothing more comfy than a knitted top layer to keep you warm and unrestricted up in the clouds. When you arrive at your destination, (hopefully a tropical getaway) chuck it back in your carry-on and save it for a late-night beach walk. For the less fortunate or those seeking their winter wonderland, you now have a great base layer to work from."