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Summer is coming. With Father's Day and the Fourth of July fast-approaching, June and the warmer summer months of July, August and September call for a change in dress: your shoes! The warmer weather means it's the perfect time to pull-out your slip-on loafers and go for a walk, a bike ride, head to the beach and enjoy the world around you. Wondering how kilim loafers pair best with a wardrobe during the summer months? The answer isn't black & white. Below is a guide to help you master the art of identifying the soft seasonal colors all summer long. 

Res Ipsa Kilim Loafers

Why Res Ipsa Kilim Loafers are the Perfect Men's & Women's Summer 'Look'

First off, it's important to have a background on why our loafers look the way they look. Our kilim loafers are the inspiration behind our brand and story. The actual style of our loafers is inspired from the classic British loafer shape and design. The toe box is rounded and the shoe itself is narrow giving a snug fit around each foot. The the elevated heel supports your arch with every step. 

Res Ipsa Loafers

So why are Res Ipsa kilim loafers the perfect summer 'look' for men and women? The answer is simple: color. In the summer months, color is king. So what's the significance of the color in kilim? Our one-of-a-kind kilim designs are handmade from vintage Turkish rugs that are between 50-100 years. Each of these rugs was handwoven, originally designed in central Turkey and Istanbul. Therefore, each pair of shoes carries its own story signified by the patterns, colors, and shapes woven into the rug. The motifs and patterns woven into each rug were espoused by the emotions and feelings of the weaver**, such as their inner feelings, desires, daily life, grief, fear, happiness, sadness, etc. Essentially, each shoe is a repurposed, 50-100 year old 'walking' (living) history of the weaver's deepest, most-inner feelings. Woah, right? 

Identifying the Soft Summer Colors 

When choosing the right color loafers for you, it's important to keep in mind what you'll be wearing with them the most. Do you wear a lot of denim? White pants? Khakis? Shorts? More than anything else, what you're wearing around your waist will dictate which color loafers you'll sport all summer long. 


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Go bold. With denim, the more that's happening down below, the better. The designs should be driven by the most striking color ways. Brighter patterns will contrast well against light-washed or dark-washed jeans. Cuff / roll-up your jeans and let the shoes speak for themselves. 

White pants

Res Ipsa Kilim Loafers

Think sunset. Think summer. Think soft. The earthy-tones, including pinks, light browns, greens, baby blues and tans all will come alive when paired with white pants. Trust us, it's the look you'll want to wear all summer (& year) long. 


Res Ipsa Kilim Loafers

Similar to denims, khaki pants allow you to wear more bizarre and compelling colors. Since you might wear khakis several days a a week to work, it's fun to keep things fresh and let others in your office know that casual summer dress also means you can rock cool summer shoes. You can dress like a professional and still enjoy the way you look in an eye-catching pair of loafers. 


Res Ipsa Kilim Loafers

For shorts, much like white pants, the aesthetic looks best with softer, pastel-like color-ways. Think soft pinks, tans, blues and whites. While these rugs are more rare because the most vintage rugs are difficult to source, we highly recommend faded colors for summer. 

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