New Release: Res Ipsa Men's and Women's White Kilim Lace-Up Sneakers

Our first lace-up sneaker is a fresh interpretation of a classic white sneaker. After launching our White Kilim Lace-Up sneaker in-store only over the summer '18 in our Flagship Store on Nantucket, we're making the white kilim lace-up sneakers available on our website in case you can't make it to Nantucket this summer. 

Res Ipsa All-White Kilim Lace-Up Sneakers

For over 100 years, the low-top white sneaker has been an enduring all-season staple. The first mass-produced white canvas sneakers hit the market in the U.S. in 1917. After World War I, they became popular with athletes, and by the 1924 Olympics virtually the entire field wore white sneakers from the playing field and medal stand. The international spotlight catapulted all-white low-top sneakers into popular culture, and they've been ubiquitous ever since.     
Our sneaker is an homage to the classic, but upgraded for the discerning consumer. Rather than canvas, we use an undyed vintage kilim rug. Traditionally, kilim is 100% wool, but this special rug has a bit of hemp woven in to create a softer hand.

Res Ipsa Hemp Fibers Raw Hemp Fibers

Hemp fibers are generally referred to as basts, referring to the fibers that grow on the exterior of the plant's stalk that give the plant its strength. Using hemp to create is an ancient tradition; the first identified coarse paper, made from hemp, dates to the early Western Han Dynasty - the second imperial dynasty in China ( 206 BC–220 AD). 

Res Ipsa All-White Kilim Lace-Up Sneakers

Res Ipsa White Lace-Up Sneakers
White Kilim Lace-Up Sneakers for men & women initially available only in our Nantucket Flagship Store, but now through our website too.