2018 Gift Ideas for Every Type of Traveler

2018 Gift Ideas for Every Type of Traveler

It's the Holiday season and that means over the next month we'll be bringing you all the style and travel insights to help you rock the remainder of 2018's festivities!!

Res Ipsa Kilim Backpack

Building off last week's release of our 2018 Traveler's Holiday Gift Guide, we want to level up your gift ideas. To help you find the most meaningful gifts for the travelers in your life, we broke it down based on the type of traveler you're shopping for: the City Slicker, the Ski Bunny, the Warm-Weather Escapist, and the World Traveler. Each of these travelers endures different elements of travel, and so we believe the gifts should best capture the story behind those adventures. Shop our guide below!  

The City Slicker - Res Ipsa Kilim Loafers

Res Ipsa Kilim Loafers

The city slicker prefers to dress up and also knows when it’s appropriate to dress down. From living, commuting, and traveling to cities around the world, this person knows that the most important thing you’ll ever wear is a comfortable, stylish pair of shoes. People notice. Whether it is riding the subway, biking, or walking, this person knows the elements of the surroundings well and adjusts to wear the appropriate attire while maintaining some level of classiness. 

The Ski Bunny - Res Ipsa Kilim Backpack

Res Ipsa Kilim Backpack

The Ski Bunny loves adventures! There's nothing like breathing in the fresh air while you look out over snow covered mountains. Escaping the world of sky-scrapers and neighborhoods for a week or weekend to enjoy the beauty of mother nature calls for the perfect backpack to travel with. Whether it be journeying the Swiss Alps or a quick trip to Aspen, our Kilim backpacks can endure the altitude and keep your style game just as high. 

The Warm-Weather Escapist - Res Ipsa Kilim Sneakers

Res Ipsa Kilim Sneakers

There's nothing else quite like escaping to the south! With the sunshine and the warm water to soothe your soul, we think your shoe game should mirror the warmth. Our Men's and Women's Kilim Sneakers breathe well in the warmer weather while simultaneously stating just how serious you take your sneaker game. Be different. Be bold. 

Res Ipsa Kilim Dopp Kit
The World traveler knows how to travel efficiently but also maintain an international flair. Our Kilim Weekender Bags and Kilim Dopp kits were among our first four products created and inspired by our travels around the world. They are truly unique and special. Everyone has a so-so carry-on bag and an even worse Dopp kit left over from their youth. If you want to give a gift with lasting meaning and a story to tell for years to come, either of these luxury, one-of-a-kind kilim goods will certainly be multi-generational presents with a purpose.